Caramel Apple
This delightful blend of crisp apple and rich caramel flavors will carry your thoughts deep into Autumn. Serve chilled. $172.80 / case.
Chambourcin - $14
This deep red, medium bodied, dry wine is berry forward with a supple fruity finish. $151.20 / case.
Cherry - $12
There is no mistaking this is a cherry wine! As if it were just picked from the tree, our cherry wine has the perfect balance of sweet and tart. A refreshing "Any Time" favorite. Serve chilled.
$129.60 / case.
Concord Blush - $12
This light wine is filled with sweet grape aroma and flavor. Great for sharing casual times with family and friends. Serve chilled. $129.60 / case.
Norton - $14
This full bodied red wine has rich notes of black berries, lively earthy aromas, and a firm but velvety tannin finish. $151.20 / case.
Rogue Red - $14
This vibrant red blend embraces a surprising nose, soft tannins, and a full bodied finish. Not sure that you like red wines? This might be the red for you. $151.20 / case.
Seyval - $14
This dry, crisp, white wine has an herbal bouquet with a hint of citrus and tropical fruit. Serve chilled. $151.20 / case.
Concord - $10
This lush, sweet, fruity wine will take you back to Grandma's homemade grape jelly. Serve chilled. $108 / case.
Sweet Charlotte - $12
A lighter blush with semi-sweet notes and a berry finish. The juice is pressed off the skins at harvest prior to the fermentation leaving it with beautiful pink color. Serve chilled. $129.60 / case.
Bella's Blush - $12
This blend begins with soft floral aromas and finishes with sweet apple and jammy notes. Serve Chilled. $129.60 / case.
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You will love our amazing domestic wines.  Each wine is uniquely crafted from Missouri grapes or fruit and is delicious in its own way.  Feel free to mix and match to build your case order. 10% discount on all case orders.

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